The Vicious Light - Poems (Print Book)

The Vicious Light - Poems (Print Book)

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The Vicious Light is a collection of poems written in Fullerton, CA from 2021-2022 spanning the gamut from narrative to abstract and over a wide range of topics from a meandering mind. 

The 174-page book includes poems:


Big News


Claude Monet

The Third Death

Young Under The Moon

and many more...


Sean Danson is a devotee of the unrefined word, pedestrian poet, and author of Lucid Dreaming At The End Of The World, Scorpion Poems, and The Vicious Light. With over a decade of writing music, parking lot collision notes, and flirtatious cocktail napkins, Sean has a unique and dynamic voice that shines through his work. He lives in Fullerton, CA, where he enjoys underground music on weeknights and nurtures an expansive curiosity about the big and the small.